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The economic challenges of an unstable financial market, the loss of an industrial base, global competition, unemployment and the corresponding downward pressure on wages and income, requires us to rethink how employment is to be created in a post-industrial society. Key to this re-employment is education. It is no longer sufficient to educate people in disciplines and then send them out in an inhospitable economic environment. Disciplines in the arts and agriculture are especially not welcome in this kind of an economy. The Rockhouse Mountain Institute (RMI) is a foundation where its members, as long as they are dedicated to quality, are educated and provided a means of support regardless of the profits of the marketplace.

The RMI believes in quality education. Quality in education means fostering the spirit of learning which is the thrill of discovery and the independence of thought. This spirit is best fostered in small non-graded schools where teachers are guides and students are willing adventurers.  Rockhouse Mountain Institute associates with small non-graded schools and carries their good work forward to expose students to possible careers in the various endeavors of the RMI and its affiliated companies. These careers could include woodworking, stained glass making, metalwork, textiles and other crafts, film making, archival science, musicology, fine arts and other forms of expression, agriculture and agricultural products, energy development, architecture and building, and other forms of small business.