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Cultural challenges to our society include the depreciation of quality in our goods, our built environment and our way of life. The marketplace, subject to the constant downward pressure on prices due to global competition and constant downward pressure on people’s incomes, produces shabby goods, cheap houses, and a stressful way of life.

The Rockhouse Mountain Institute is a not-for-profit cultural and educational foundation. As a cultural institution, it places the creation of quality for our society as one of its main objectives. As an educational institution, it means to teach the creation of quality in all of its disciplines. As a foundation, since its source of capital is not subject to pressure of the marketplace, it does not require that the products being produced by its students, its members and its companies succeed in the marketplace. It only requires that all it does be done well.

Quality in Our Culture and Everyday Lives

by Robert Jawitz

This generation is witnessing the disappearance of quality in almost every facet of our daily lives. The large corporate supermarkets have supplanted the myriad of small shops that used to be part of our culture; the bakeries, the fruit stand, the neighborhood grocer, the cheese shop, the fish store and now even the florist and the pharmacy.

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