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Rockhouse Mountain Agriculture (RMag) is committed to sustainable farming. There are two approaches to sustainable farming: no-till and organic. No-till in porous soils and strip-till in clay soils, is a scientific new form of farming based on reducing erosion and maintaining moisture in soil. It doesn’t turn the earth, leaves the plant root in it, and mulches the residue. Organic is designed to build up soil and avoid artificial fertilizers and pesticides. It may till in compost or it may use raised beds. Both utilize green manures for fertilizing and crop rotation.

RMag is engaged in converting livestock farms and ranches to plant food producing acreage. By removing livestock it helps the environment and by growing crops for human consumption it makes the acreage more productive.

RMag, being part of the Rockhouse Mountain Institute, doesn’t require the farms to be profitable. It just requires that farming techniques be sustainable, the food be organic, be of the highest quality, and be affordable to the general population.

Meat And Dairy; A problem for Sustainability

by Robert Jawitz

In 2006, Livestock’s Long Shadow was published by LEAD, The Livestock, Environment & Development Initiative, sponsored by The Food & Agricultural Organization of the UN, The World Bank, and representative agencies of the EU, France, Germany, UK, US, Denmark and Switzerland and the International Fund for Agricultural Development.

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