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The objective of the Rockhouse Mountain Architects (RMA) is to create a design vocabulary that reflects the demands of a post industrial society. These demands include energy efficiency, support of local economies and the substitution of natural materials to replace oil based manufactured goods.

Supporting crafts and craftsmen encourages local economies. The RMA is reviving the ideals of the Arts and Crafts Movement by reinstating decoration into architecture. The decoration is stained glass, metalwork, woodwork, ceramics, fibers and other forms of craft.
Natural materials such as wood and stone give buildings an aura of quality, are inherently energy efficient and can be locally produced. The RMA explores new uses of natural materials to contribute to this design vocabulary.

Towards A Post-Industrial Architecture

by Robert Jawitz

Post industrial architecture is what buildings should look like after our oil-based culture has declined. Coal and oil created industrialization. From it came our mass produced consumer society and our waste of energy. Soon, our energy will be too dear.

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