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Official selection at CIFF, the future of Eventful Life, new projects

Some of the best news we received lately is that we’ll be screening The Eventful Life of Al Hawkes at the Camden International Film Festival in October. So far, this is the festival we’ve most wanted to attend so we are very excited to be making the drive up Rte. 1 in a couple of weeks.

In addition to screening Eventful Life there, we are really looking forward to attending the Points North conference to better learn how to go about documentary proposal/pitch making and idea development; and I’m (this is Alyce speaking) really excited to finally see a film I have been anticipating for the past couple of years, On Coal River, which will also be screening at CIFF.

We’ve had a summer of festivals and screenings here in Maine, and are looking forward to our screening next month at the American Folklore Society meeting in Nashville. For the most part, though, we’ve had a tough time breaking the film out of New England. We’ve learned a lot about the documentary world in this process, which none of us were well-versed in prior to this experiment. Andrew comes from a more oral history/folklorist/academic world, and I’m an artist who dabbles in a lot of different things. So, we’re learning a lot and will continue to learn more. Upcoming though, the film will be screening on MPBN this winter, and we might have a potential broadcast opportunity in a certain Appalachian state featured prominently in the film.

In non-Eventful Life news, we have been extremely busy with some advocacy video-making outside of Rockhouse Mountain Productions and unrelentingly busy developing our next RMP documentary idea. This one is quite a departure from the easygoing feel-good nature of Eventful Life, but still centers on the cultural history (and present) of this area of Maine. We just submitted our first grant application for this project after two months of talking, writing, researching, filming, meeting amazing new people, debating, almost giving up, refocusing, rewriting, emailing, editing, so on and so forth. I’m sure it will be the first application in a series of many, many, many more to come. Details? TBA.

Come see us this month!

@ MIFF By the Sea: Reel Pizza Cinerama, Bar Harbor Maine. Saturday, 9/18 at 6p (we’ll be there!) and Sunday, 9/19 at 2:45p (we might be driving home by then).

@ Maine Historical Society, 489 Congress St Portland. 9/30, 7p FREE!


Al Hawkes and Friends at SPACE Gallery

Al Hawkes and Friends at SPACE Gallery