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Just announced: Screening at the 2010 American Folklore Society, Nashville

We will be screening “The Eventful Life of Al Hawkes” at the American Folklore Society annual meeting in Nashville, Tennessee October 13-16.

All of us here at Rockhouse Mountain Productions are looking forward to showing the film to our folklorists friends and to our first confirmed screening in the South!

About the American Folklore Society:
The American Folklore Society is an association of people who study and communicate knowledge about folklore throughout the world. Our more than 2,200 members and subscribers are scholars, teachers, and libraries at colleges and universities; professionals in arts and cultural organizations; and community members involved in folklore work. Many of our members live and work in the US, but their interests in folklore stretch around the world, and today about one in every eight AFS members is from outside the US.

About the AFS 2010 Meeting:
“Lay and Expert Knowledge” is the theme for the American Folklore Society’s 122nd annual meeting, to be held at The Hilton Nashville Downtown in Nashville, Tennessee, on October 13-16, 2010.

Not everyone is a novelist, but everyone tells stories. Not everyone is an artist or a theologian, but everyone works to give satisfying order to the material world and the cosmos. Not everyone is a politician, but everyone negotiates power relationships in his or her social milieu. And not everyone is a doctor, but everyone looks after body and soul according to conceptions of health shaped in long-term conversation with other people.

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Al Hawkes and Friends at SPACE Gallery

Al Hawkes and Friends at SPACE Gallery